Moobi Tales

Moobi Tales ~ Episode 3

As every one knows, Karin doesn’t like to stress… so the market is really not one of her favorite places to go. But when she’s excited about something, the means don’t matter. She managed to wiggle her way through the small market, exhausted as usual and wondering what in the world influenced her to go to the market. She finally got to where her car was parked, got in and slammed the door… She couldn’t wait to relax from all that walking. She needed an energy boost to begin this journey and what better choice than the one she made? She picked up her phone and dialed her darling husband to rant about how stressed she was, so he could indulge her and then calm her down… typical.

Hello love, Tega’s voice was the right amount of energy she needed. Oko mi! She winced… I’m so tired. I came to the market to get some bananas and other fruits.

Sorry my love, Tega did calm her down… “but why did you go to the market to get fruits thought?”

Okay so I’ve decided to start weaning Tutu and my first pick is Banana Puree, Karin smiled and cluttered on..

My sister told me about this “Moobi site” where I can get information to help me with weaning her and I’m not so worried anymore. I even ordered for some of their products. Their Sippy cups are so cute, I don’t even have to worry about Tutu’s clothes when I’m feeding her because the bib is amazing like that. I couldn’t wait till she starts self feeding so I already bought some of their suction plates and bowls for when she starts, I don’t have to worry about messy feeding because she won’t be able to move the plates. Isn’t that just perfect? They’re just too peppy to ignore.

Hello! are you there?

“I can hear you my love, I’m really just glad you found a way out… and I’m wondering why you didn’t go to the mall instead of the market… you can get all the fruits there, or you could have called me to get them on my way home.” Tega teased her.

Uhmm.. the market is closer? Karin laughed… but that makes sense because moobi products are actually available in Ebeano Supermarkets and I could have gotten everything there. I guess I’ll just wait for the delivery man to get here.

Okay love, I need to finish something up and I’ll be home soon… do take care! Tega hung up and Karin, feeling a lot more relieved, began her journey back home.

She just couldn’t wait to start her weaning journey with Moobi.